The Importance of Being Me

Today, I bought a new shirt. I was in a rush and didn’t stop to try it on. Knowing that I’ve gotten smaller, I just eyeballed it and threw it in the cart. When I got home, I tried it on and felt a little discouraged. It fit me in every place, but it didn’t cover my belly enough. Those who know me know that my belly is my least favorite part of my body. I’m always sure to cover it up as much as possible. So when I looked in the mirror, I got a little upset. How is it that I’ve come so far, and I’m still not where I want to be?

I knew that when I started this journey, that it was going to be hard. We live in a world of instant gratification. We’re so hard wired to expecting things instantly. I’ve learned that with weightloss, patience is the missing ingredient. Everytime I failed before, it was because I wasn’t patient enough. So when I put that shirt on and my “front butt” was still visible, my heart sank a little.

All of a sudden I realized that I should just be proud of my progress so far. The overwhelming feeling of being afraid to have my belly be seen was very heavy. So, I decided that the only way I’m going to succeed in reaching my goal is to just be confident with the body I have now. This body has created life, survived unimaginable heartbreak, and allows me to live. I have accomplished so many things with this body, and I shouldn’t be ashamed of it. I refuse to let my belly define me.

A reminder to those reading this, you can still love yourself even if you are still a work in progress. Keep your eye on the prize and trust the process. You are a badass!

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