Two Years Down…

Today is the two year anniversary of moving out own my own, (without roommates this time.) In celebration of this day, I’d like to share some things I’ve learned.

Paying bills is actually fun! 

I’ve learned that having a roof over your head should be the ultimate goal in life.  My little place is my favorite place in the world.  And while my home isn’t the most glamorous, and I do “throw away” my money by renting, I am so grateful to have the ability to do so. I know some of you reading this might think I’m crazy, but I truly do LOVE to pay my bills. I think of them more as luxuries.  For example:

Electricity allows me to Netflix and chill. Water allows me to stay hydrated and clean. Paying rent keeps a roof over my son’s head. In the beginning, it was hard for me to keep up, I’ll admit. Not too long ago I came across something on the internet about changing your mindset about bills. And ever since then, it’s made my life so much more rewarding. Ever since I stopped looking at paying bills as stressful or frustrating, I found that it became fun to receive them in the mail. And now paying bills is one of my favorite things.

I think I’ve become a neat freak.

Now that I finally have space for all of my stuff, keeping it in order has become one of my favorite hobbies. Most days, I like to make sure everything has a home. I’ve recently discovered that organizing is more of a learning process than a chore. Marie Kondo is really on to something, guys! I watched her show, and seeing the way she helped those people really inspired me to clean up my life. In doing so, I’ve noticed my mood will change if my house starts to get cluttered.

Now, my place isn’t always perfect. As a waitress, I work looooonnnnnggggg hours on my feet, and sometimes I’m not always in the mood to keep up. I have noticed though, that the longer I go without trying to stay on top of my tasks, I don’t feel as happy. I know a lot of people are procrastination professionals, much like myself, but I guess I needed to have my own home to realize just how messy I can be. (Sorry, mom!)

Partying is a thing of my past. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good girl’s night, or a few drinks after a double shift at work. I lived my best life this summer, enjoying my free time.  I got close with some friends I didn’t know I needed.  But since I’ve been slowly turning my place into my own little heaven, I’d much rather stay home. Call me boring, but sitting on my couch, with no bra on and reading a book sounds so much more fun to me now. And when I do let myself go out and relive my early twenties, I always end up way more tired than usual.  Plus, I save so much money. And as I mentioned earlier, organizing is my new hobby. Organization tools  are not cheap!

Ultimately, owning my own home is the end goal.

I know that being a homeowner is a big goal, and isn’t easy. One perk of renting is that my landlord makes any repairs I may find myself needing. And if I do get to own a home someday, I know it’ll be an even bigger task. My place is small, yet it’s the perfect size. And as I continue to try and fix it up, I’m realizing I’m going to need more space eventually. Let’s not forget that needing an almost perfect credit score is required to even THINK about buying a house. And since I wasn’t born a Kardashian, it’s gonna take me some time to fix the mess that is my credit score.

I say all of this to say that as much as me putting my “big girl” pants on might seem like something small, it is very much a big accomplishment for me. Those who are close to me know what it took for my plunge into “adulthood.” And I want to say thank you to all those who helped me. Achieving this small goal of mine has inspired me to set even more goals for myself.  Walking through the door of my little home everyday reminds me that anything is possible.

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